Made in italy

Made in italy

Monolithic Insulation Joints


We are The Italian Excellence in Monolithic Insulation Joints.

ALFA is know for our product top quality level.
In the market since over 30 years and serving the most demanding customers in 40+ countries all over the world.

Our company is a keen supporter of the genuine 100% Made in Italy label, because we wish to guarantee to all our customers that the product they purchase from us is a true product of quality Italian craftsmanship.

It means a product that is entirely made in Italy, from the design and working out on paper, the choice of Italian suppliers, up till the product is made, finished and ready for shipment.

Each Monolithic Insulation Joint is designed and manufactured at our plants in Modena (ITALY) that has a registred ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Alfa has now an on-line platform to allow customer to receive real time updates on their orders granting full transparency over production processes.